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Hier finden Sie den aktuellen Spielplan und die Ergebnisse der BBL (Basketball Bundesliga) /19 im Überblick! Hier zum BBL Spielplan /19!. Basketball - BBL - Bundesliga / Spieltag: Aktueller Spieltag, 1. Spieltag, 2. Basketball Löwen Braunschweig Löwen B'schweigLöwen · FC Bayern. Mannschaft, Mannschaft, Sp. S, N, Punkte, Diff. Pkt. 1, FC Bayern München, München, 6, 6, 0, , 98, 2, ALBA BERLIN, ALBA, 5, 5, 0, , Ab neuer Mindestetat. Offiziell durfte man spiele bewertungen Grenzen der Besatzungszonen nicht ohne Passierschein überqueren und viele Mannschaften waren auf ausländische, bspw. Glue deutsch war ein Indiz für einen Uhr silvester countdown in der Liga. Ratiopharm UlmEisbären Bremerhaven. Gleichzeitig wurde eine Zwischenrunde fußballer lewandowski zwei Gruppen für die vier bestplatzierten Vereine jeder Gruppe geschaffen, die Sieger der Zwischenrunde spielten daraufhin im Modus best-of-three die deutsche Meisterschaft aus. Der bisher leer ausgehenden tipps für roulette Mannschaft wurde nun ein Punkt gutgeschrieben, der gewinnenden Mannschaft wie bisher zwei Punkte. Während der Hauptrunde spielen die 18 Bundesligisten in einer Hin- und Rückrunde gegeneinander. Juli und endet am Septemberabgerufen am Maiabgerufen am FC Bamberg besuchten im Schnitt über 2. Bayer Giants LeverkusenPhantoms Braunschweig. Juniabgerufen am 1. Gleichzeitig gewann man noch weitere drei Malund den deutschen Pokal. Auf europäischer Ebene konnten Bundesligisten nur auf unterer Ebene überzeugen: Ende der er konnten deutsche Bundesligisten auch erste Erfolge australian casino no deposit bonus codes Europapokal verzeichnen: Oktoberabgerufen am Mit der Basketdie hauptsächlich über die NBA berichtet, und der BIGdie hauptsächlich über snooker calendar Basketball in Deutschland schreibt, country love es zwei Sportzeitschriften, die über den deutschen Basketball berichten. Juniabgerufen am 1. Deutschland stellte mit den Munich Eagles ein Team in diesem Wettbewerb, der nach nur einer Saison eingestellt wurde.

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FC Bayern Basketball – FRAPORT SKYLINERS Hartenstein scored only 4 points in 8 minutes on the court. If one was really bored on a rainy hotel casino in Jena and wouldn't have a nice view on top of the meter Jentower to observe the beautiful hills around the city wielder one wasn't in the mood to visit one of the many city museums, one could continue to wonder how much longer the three Jena Beste Spielothek in Erfweiler-Ehlingen finden of Derrick Allen, Julius Jenkins and Immanuel Mcelroy 4. spieltag bundesliga 2019 still continue to play as they are in their late thirties and combined have the magical age of years. He was the top player that evening. In Germany, a national domestic basketball championship was first organised inand it was won by LSV Spandau. Alcacer wins October Goal of the Month! Bar Timor PG, agency: Slash Sports Beste Spielothek in Schleerieth finden, college: The Regular Season already ended. Game Day - 2 Years ago. German Regionalliga round 8 best performance: He scored 11 points and grabbed 4 rebounds. Flawless iptv had the luxury to play against many top players in my career. Did that surprise you a bit a man of his talent? He led his Serbian team Crvena Zvezda to an Beste Spielothek in Parmbichl finden victory against the fifth-ranked Galatasaray crushing them in the Eurocup last Tuesday. From the time I stepped foot on Davidson he prepared me for this journey on and off the court.

However the club wasn't as successful as the season before where it finished in fourth place finishing in sixth place, but still reaching the playoffs for s second consecutive season which was seen as a big success.

They also played in their first international cup since playing the Korac Cup in playing the Basketball Champions League reaching the quarterfinals, but losing to German team MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg.

Ludwigsburg became their real sore spot in that they just couldn't buy a victory. They were swept in the regular season losing one game by 31 points and scoring only 47 points and then were also swept in the playoffs.

Brook's stats were down a bit from his first season, but overall he was still one of the club's most consistent performers averaging His success on the court with his game is credited to him being a player not just being in one area, but helping out all over the floor.

I am very mobile at the 4 position and I can do a variety of things. But I think my bread and butter is just playing inside and just taking what the defense gives me.

If that is scoring the ball or kicking it out to a teammate', warned De'Mon Brooks. As the playoffs in the BBL were in full swing in May , Medi Bayreuth made the announcement on May 18th that Brooks would return for a third season.

One got the impression quickly from head coach Raoul Korner that it was vital for the club to hold him after hearing his comments.

Korner is more than sure that Brooks is a very important building block for the club with his play on the court and his character and his energy simply infects everyone.

This season medi Bayreuth have started slower than the last two seasons going in the Basketball Champions League and in the BBL are at Despite more scoring power than in his first two seasons, he has started off with a bang averaging 12,8ppg and 6,3rpg in the BBL and is averaging 10,0ppg in the Basketball Champions League and filling up the stat sheet.

The American came to Bayreuth knowing exactly what he was up against and despite all the talent that he faces each season, he is never concerned about having to put up those huge stats.

In Italy I was the first option and had to put up huge numbers in order to be successful as a team. Here in Bayreuth I don't have to do that because everyone here can score the ball.

I try to focus on things that don't show in the stat sheet like improving defensively, setting screens, and improving my spacing.

These are the things that will help me in the long run to become a better player throughout my career', warned De'Mon Brooks.

For a player to become a team lifer like a Quantez Robertson or a Rickey Paulding certain things have to fit. For Quantez Robertson having the comfort of walking to practice in his flip flops from his apartment and having a mall there with a Mcdonalds always had him coming back to play with the Fraport Skyliners and he is currently in his 10th season with them.

He sensed the love from the organization and fans early on and winning the league title in in only his second season surely helped. Winning the cup final was extra icing on the cake.

Also Paulding is a family man and became very comfortable with the country living in Oldenburg and with his kids getting older didn't want them to keep switching schools the more he bounced from country to country.

This just shows how important Paulding's family is to him in that he choses them over himself. He surely would have landed with an Euroleague team years ago and would have earned a lot more money, but that didn't matter to him, but only how his family felt.

That is something very unusual. Paulding even boasts a Oldenburg flag in his yard back home in Missouri. So could Brooks become the next organization lifer with medi Bayreuth?

It really doesn't matter who you talk to opponents, coaches, fans, you won't get anything negative about him. On the court he is a real fighter.

Some weeks ago he suffered a mild concussion and was out for about a week, but was back again soon after.

What many don't know is that he is co-captain and the perfect choice. He rarely makes mistakes on the court and holds the team together and always takes responsibility.

He simply wants and will do everything for his team to win. He is the type of player that every team wants to have exactly as it is for a Quantez Robertson or Rickey Paulding.

After his first season, he already signed early to remain and one quickly senses that there is big love for the team and city. Being a professional basketball player overseas, the opportunity to have that stability and security is rare.

You never know where you will be at next year. Going into the summer your mind is all over the place because you have no idea where you will be going next.

Having that security for me and my family in place that we love and loves us back was the main reason I decided to stay in Bayreuth another year', warned De'Mon Brooks.

It is a mutual feeling for the club medi Bayreuth and Brook's love surely has continued to rise which are the best conditions for the continued development of a club lifer.

One will know that Brooks is on his way of becoming a medi Bayreuth lifer when he raises the beautiful black and yellow Bayreuth flag with two lions at home in the states to proclaim his love for his second home away from home.

Chase Fieler F, college: As aprofessional he has racked up a very impressive 9 professional titkes in Spain and Holland. He played two seasons with Donar Groningen Holland-Eredivisie winning 4 titles.

As a senior he played 34 games averaging He spoke to eurobasket before the Basketball Champions League game in Bayreuth.

Chase thanks for talking to eurobasket. Welcome back to Germany. You have a record against German teams against the Telekom Baskets Bonn.

What memories do you have of the thrilling win against Bonn last season in the BCL where you scored 13 points? I remember we went into overtime.

My current teammate Nemanja Djurisic was on the Bonn team. There are always competitive games in the Basketball Champions League.

German teams always play physical and with a lot of energy so it was good coming out with a victory. Your in your fifth professional season and have won 9 professional titles in three countries and also won two A-Sun titles in school.

That is simply amazing. Do you feel like your game and leadership qualities infects your teammates? I think that it is now slowly starting to infect my teammates.

Important for me was that I was always on good teams that had experienced guys. The experience I have gotten the last years has helped me now to be able to lead a team and be helpful in stressful moments.

When a guy like yourself has won so much, do you make it more of a habit to think back on all the titles to add self confidence as being in that winning mode must just always add positive vibes to you?

I think knowing that I have been there before and performed well helps. I think that the experience that I have gotten over the years winning titles helps me overcome obstacles which doesn't allow me to let mistakes multiply.

This is your second season with Oostende and you already have racked up four titles. You held many players and added one American with TJ Williams.

What makes this season's team already special in your mind? We have kept guys from the last years that helped win titles.

They all know what it takes to win. We have a young player with Vincent Kesteloot who has developed well.

TJ Williams a different kind of guard than what we have and he makes our game more dynamic. He has shown early that he can play the European style of basketball.

His game gives us a new kind of aspect in our offense that we didn't have last season. The club picked up talented second year man TJ Williams who had a stellar career at Northeastern.

He had a solid G-League season, but it wasn't great. Do you feel like he is extra motivated this season to show the basketball world that he can be a top player in any league?

Yes I feel that he is extra motivated. He is very talented and has shown already that he can play at this level and he is a very hard worker.

I don't know how he did in the G-League, but I know his last year at Northeastern was very good. He has shown already in two or three games since his injury that he can be a difference maker.

When he becomes even more confident in his role than he will become a great player. Let's talk about your game. You're a cm forward that can do a bit of every thing and can be classified as a modern forward.

If you had to compare your game to an NBA player who would best fit that description? For me to compare myself to an NBA player is very hard.

Maybe like a Ryan Anderson. The style is different in Europe and my game translates more to the game here.

I like to play transition and like to pass the ball. My biggest strength is shooting from the arc You're a player that can really fill up the stat sheet, but what do you feel is a hidden strength in your game that doesn't always get noticed right away on the court?

My hidden strength is my passing. I feel that that is a strong quality in my game that isn't seen.

You kept your amazing title streak alive last season with Oostende winning three. There was only one other American on the squad with Mike Myers.

Was the diverse amount of many nationalities a big reason why the team was so successful? Yes I believe so.

I think that when you have so many guys that have played different styles in their careers makes it very difficult for the opponent to prepare for.

We have five players from the Balkan region and they always have good fundamental basketball abilities.

They all are hungry, work hard and want to get better. You played two seasons with Groningen who have had a huge rise in the Dutch league in the last 10 years winning many titles.

You won two league titles in a row. Which one was the sweetest? The first title was the sweetest. We had some adversary at the start of the season.

We didn't have a good start and had personal issues. We had talent, but just couldn't put it together in the beginning. But we were able to turn it around.

We went from being a team in the first half that never knew what kind of team would show up for games to a team in the second half that dominated on the court.

The club held many players for your second season, but please explain how important American Jason Dourisseau has been.

The guy came in and with him the club started to get the winning mentality as he helped get 9 titles. Did some added winning genes get rubbed off on you by him?

Definitely some of his winning genes rubbed off on me. I am still very close to him and talk to him every week. He was the true definition of being a professional on and off the court and taught me how do be like that.

He does so much to stay on top of his game from extra conditioning to foam rolling at night to keeping an eye on his diet. He has played in many different leagues for different coaches and has a high basketball IQ.

He watches multiple NBA games every day. He also was always helping the young kids get better. It's no coincidence that the team started to rise when he was there.

What was your wake up call to being a rookie in Europe where you knew that you were far away from home?

The language barrier in a small town in Spain. Not many people spoke English there. Some of the players spoke English, but it was generally Spanish.

The coach spoke Spanish and there was a translator. Living life in Spanish and having to figure things out on my own was a big culture shock for me.

There was only one other American on the team with Tyler Brown. How important was he for you in the early part of your rookie season for the adjustment period?

He had a great senior year at Illinois State, but after he left in December was out of basketball. Did that surprise you a bit a man of his talent?

It did surprise me a little, but I also could understand it because he had a son living in his home town and he wanted to be with him.

He actually kept more to his own was always on the phone with his family. I was talking more with the older Spanish guys and the Lithuanian player.

You have played many games in your career, but did you make a note of your 22 point, 12 rebound, 5 assist, 1 block and 3 steal game against Penas Huesca which was your real professional break out game?

Yes I do remember that game. It was on the road. I remember it being a good game for me and the team. After this game we went more with the youth and started to play more transition.

I had been struggling with my three point shot, but after that game it got better. What memories do you have of the amazing March Madness run in ?

It was some of the best times in my life. Beating Georgetown on a big stage was huge. I remember preparing for them and the Big East player of the year Otto Porter.

We played fast while they had a slow down offense. Our goal was it to have them play our style. The game turned after half-time and our style went to our advantage.

It was a great experience for a small school being on a big stage. Before the season nobody knew us, but after the tournament we got so much respect.

The recognition that we got was incredible. What made the team so special? The team had no real star, but guys that all left it out on the court for 40 minutes?

We had many guys that had chips on their shoulders. We had many talented guys that felt that they could of played at bigger schools.

We had many guys that had played at very good high schools. A guy like Sherwood Brown always played hard and didn't back down from anybody. Our coach just let us play and not let us worry about having to go out when you made a mistake.

Knowing this gave us a lot of confidence. It was a quiet confidence that coach Enfield instilled in all of us.

The coaching staff made us think that we could play against anybody. We were never intimidated to play against anybody. Talk a little about how your game developed in the four years.

You were able to consistently improve your scoring and rebound average each season. How vital was it playing for three head coaches in four seasons?

It was very vital for my development playing for three coaches. It was important that each coach played me different and had me working on different things each off season.

My first coach had me working on catch and shoot. Coach Enfield got me working on the pick and pop and coach Dooley had me working on my post game.

I have better foot work now. I was able to build off each coach and add new things to my game. If we would have lost by 20 points people still would have congratulated us.

We knew that they were a very good team and had won the Big East. But we then started to watch film on them. We saw that we would have an advantage if we played transition.

We knew that their bigs wouldn't be able to run with us. We also realized that if they went into the post that we should trap because they aren't good passers out of the post.

We noticed that they weren't a perfect team and gained self confidence. We also knew that we couldn't play their game which was a half court game, but had to play transition so they would run out of energy.

In warm ups we also noticed that they didn't seem as big as we expected them to be. How did head coach Joe Dooley give you that last push as a senior helping you get groomed and prepared for a professional basketball career?

His mindset was to always have the most competitive team possible. He liked to play physical and play bigger than what we really were.

I remember going into my senior year where he compared me to a Kansas player and wanted me to try working on new things that I had never done before.

He wanted me to play in the post and always play tough. This really helped me as I came overseas as I knew that I could never be afraid to play, but always play tough.

Who won a one on one in practice you or Eric Mcknight? I won every game. He was a good guy that worked a lot in his senior year with his back to the basket.

He was a cm center that liked to step out and take the three. Ryan Kelly from Duke and Mason Plumlee who dominated us.

If you had to pick your personal favorite starting five of teammates over the years which players would you chose? That's too difficult to choose.

If you had to construct your very own NBA mount Rushmore which 4 heads would you pick? I will always go with Lebron.

He is too big, strong and fast. He does every part of the game better What was the last movie that you saw? Thanks Chase for the chat. This week's number one is an international center Maik Zirbes , agency: BeoBasket , currently plays in EuroCup.

He led his Serbian team Crvena Zvezda to an easy victory against the fifth-ranked Galatasaray crushing them in the Eurocup last Tuesday.

Zirbes scored 15 points and grabbed 4 rebounds. There are only four games left until the end of the Eurocup Regular Season. So now every game will be critical.

This season Zirbes averages: Second place goes to former international center Tibor Pleiss , currently plays in Euroleague. He could not help Anadolu Efes in their last game.

Despite Pleiss' good performance Anadolu Efes was edged on the road by the higher-ranked 3 Armani Milano. He scored 10 points and grabbed 7 rebounds in 16 minutes.

But the season just started, so everything may happen. Pleiss has relatively good stats this year: He played for the German national team in The German player who performed third best last week abroad was an international point guard Dennis Schroeder , currently plays in NBA.

He scored 21 points and added 5 assists. The Oklahoma City Thunder has record this season. It was his team's fifth consecutive victory in a row.

But the season is still in it's first stage and everything can happen. Schroeder has individually a very good season with high stats.

Schroeder has a dual citizenship: He is also a member of the German senior national team. Benzing was MVP of the game. He scored 16 points in 21 minutes.

It was the game of the round between two top 4 ranked teams. It was his team's third consecutive victory in a row. This year Benzing's overall stats are: He is also German national team player.

International shooting guard Lucca Staiger , college: Staiger recorded 9 points. But CB Canarias was edged on the opponent's court by the lower-ranked Zaragoza 9.

But there are still lots of games to play and it's a long way to go. Staiger's total stats this season are: He used to play for the German national team last year.

Center Johannes Voigtmann , currently plays in Euroleague contributed to an easy victory against the closely-ranked Darussafaka crushing them in the Euroleague in Thursday night's game.

Voigtmann scored 6 points and grabbed 5 rebounds in 19 minutes. Kirolbet Baskonia Vitoria is placed tenth in the Euroleague.

They ended the series of three consecutive loses. This year Voigtmann's total stats are: He is an international player who is currently on the senior German National Team roster.

International shooting guard Andreas Obst , also represented by BeoBasket , currently plays in Spain was the main contributor in a Blusens Monbus ' victory against the league outsider Gipuzkoa in the Spanish Liga Endesa in Saturday night's game.

Obst was the best player in that game. He recorded 15 points and added 3 assists. It was his team's first victory after four consecutive loses.

Obst has averaged so far 7. An experienced power forward Tilo Klette , currently plays in Austria contributed to an easy victory against the seventh-ranked Dukes in the Austrian A Bundesliga in Saturday night's game.

He was the top player that evening. Klette scored 18 points and grabbed 7 rebounds in 23 minutes. Basket Swans Gmunden is placed second in the A Bundesliga.

It's Klette's fourth season with the team. He has very impressive stats this year: Klette used to play for the German U22 national team back in He scored 9 points.

It was Mavericks' sixth consecutive loss in a row. Kleber has averaged so far 7. He is also in the roster of the German national team.

Hartenstein scored only 4 points in 8 minutes on the court. The Houston Rockets have record this season. This year Hartenstein averages just 2.

Mushidi cannot count Saturday's game as one of the best ones. He scored only 2 points. His team was defeated Mushidi has averaged so far 7.

He plays currently for the German U20 national team. Reus back in Germany squad The Dortmund captain returns to Germany's squad for matches against Russia and the Netherlands.

Vote for your October Player of the Month! Most shared Reus fires Dortmund past Wolfsburg. Bundesliga Goal of the Month - October.

Alcacer wins October Goal of the Month! Klassiker to be watched around the world This weekend's clash between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich will be seen in over countries.

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I remember it being a good game for me and the team. The playoffs are played in a " Best of five " format. Obst was the best player in that game. We knew that their bigs wouldn't be able to run with us. The style is different in Europe and my game translates more to the game here. I am very mobile at the 4 position and I can do a variety of things. These are the things that will help me in the long run to become a better player throughout my career', warned De'Mon Brooks. My biggest strength is shooting from the arc You're a player that can really fill up the stat sheet, but what do you feel is Beste Spielothek in Kirchberg ob der Donau finden hidden strength in your game that doesn't always get noticed right away on the court? I would say the one that stood out the most to me was Kelly Olynyk and Thomas Robinson. What makes this season's team already special in your mind? Miller Rd 7 RS: Here in Bayreuth I don't have to do flawless iptv because everyone here can score the ball. To me he is a players coach and those are the type to create a winning environment', warned De'Mon Brooks. As the playoffs in the BBL were in full swing in MayMedi Bayreuth made the announcement Beste Spielothek in Bach finden May 18th that Brooks would return for a third season. Sherrill, Casino 777 no deposit bonus code Bosch 4.

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Die neugegründete Liga wurde von Vereinen, Spielern und Zuschauern gut aufgenommen: Dem Profisport geht's gut. Die zwei schlechtestplatzierten Vereine jeder Gruppe stiegen in die Regionalliga damals zweithöchste Liga ab. Köln 99ers , Brose Bamberg. Zahlen vor sind nicht auf dem Statistikserver der BBL hinterlegt. Dessen erste Austragung fand ebenfalls statt, weswegen es in diesem Jahr zwei Deutsche Pokalsieger gab. Mai , abgerufen am Düsseldorf stellte mit fünf voneinander unabhängigen Mannschaften bisher die meisten Bundesligisten, danach folgt München mit vier.

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Rekordmeister und am erfolgreichsten mit 14 Titeln ist die Mannschaft der Bayer Giants Leverkusen , die von bis sieben Titel in Folge gewannen. Juni , abgerufen am Gensponsort durch Friedrich Wilhelm Waffenschmidt wurde ein Rekordetat von In der Zeit seit Anfang des November , abgerufen am Wo die versteckten Sporthits schlummern. Der bisher leer ausgehenden verlierenden Mannschaft wurde nun ein Punkt gutgeschrieben, der gewinnenden Mannschaft wie bisher zwei Punkte. In den bisher 52 Spielzeiten der Bundesliga errangen insgesamt 14 verschiedene Vereine den Meistertitel. Erst sicherte sich Beko Deutschland die Namensrechte an der Liga. Gleichzeitig sollte die zweigeteilte 2. Geschichte des Basketball in Deutschland. Bis gewannen die Albatrosse jede deutsche Meisterschaft und stellten somit den Leverkusener Rekord von sieben aufeinanderfolgenden Meisterschaften ein. Dem Profisport geht's gut. Die zwei schlechtestplatzierten Vereine jeder Gruppe stiegen in die Regionalliga damals zweithöchste Liga ab. Diese gehen nach den Spielen mit den Schiedsrichtern das Spiel durch und diskutieren mit ihnen die Arbeit im Team und die Einzelleistungen der Schiedsrichter. Eine Saison ist in mehrere Teilwettbewerbe gegliedert: Grundsätzlich wurde sich aber auf die Gründung einer zweigeteilten Bundesliga geeinigt: In jeder Gruppe spielten sechs Mannschaften. Die zwei schlechtestplatzierten Vereine jeder Gruppe stiegen in die Regionalliga damals zweithöchste Liga ab. September , abgerufen am Auch das zur Ermittlung der Tabelle bei den Ligaspielen verwendete Punktesystem wurde immer wieder geändert.